FlashCash: Transforming Stadium Concessions

Are you a stadium concession owner looking to accelerate your sales, enhance customer experience, and streamline transactions? Welcome to FlashCash, your one-stop solution for frictionless transactions.

Boost Your Stadium Concession Sales with FlashCash – The Ultimate QR Code Solution for Frictionless Transactions

Multiple Payment Options

No more fumbling for credit cards or making change. FlashCash works with CashApp, Apple Pay, Google Pay, major credit cards with more apps on the way soon.

Blazing Fast Speed

Say goodbye to long lines and lost sales. Customers scan from the comfort of their seats and pay in seconds while you focus on, fulfilling and delivering orders, and counting your fortune.

Unlimited Codes

Create as many QR code sas you have products and seats without any limits.

Say goodbye to long lines and missed moments. 
With FlashCash, your customers can order their favorite snacks and drinks from their seat in seconds by simply scanning a QR code from your menus, seats, or digital ads.

Introducing FlashCash

FlashCash simplifies how consumers purchase your products on the go.

Join the FlashCash Revolution Today ⚡

We’ve created FlashCash with you in mind – a platform that simplifies the venue payment experience.

Welcome to the future of Concessions Payments. Welcome to FlashCash.


FlashCash is powered by Stripe. Your funds will be deposited to your bank account once you request a payout. 

We take a 2% fee on top of what the payment app your customer uses charges. We give you the option to absorb the fees or add it to your price and charge it to your customer. We offer lower enterprise rates for large volume transactions, contact us for more details.

You’ll be able to geolocate exactly where your users are scanning from, which is especially useful when targeting a large geographic area to zero on on the most effective media spends. You also have the ability to create unlimited QR codes to track by product, ad copy, placement, targeting and more.

Yes, you’ll be able to download your data and transactions as a spreadsheet. We are working on integrations with the most popular fulfillment and ecommerce software.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp, and major credit cards, with other platforms being added soon.