FlashCash: Making Tipping Efficient and Convenient

Welcome to FlashCash, the transformative digital payment platform designed to revolutionize the tipping experience for workers in the service industry. By harnessing the power of QR code technology, FlashCash offers a seamless, efficient, and convenient solution for tipped workers to receive their gratuities. 

No need for cash on hand or waiting for employers to process tips – with a quick scan, patrons can instantly tip using their preferred payment method. Welcome to the future of tipping, welcome to FlashCash.

FlashCash: Revolutionizing Traditional Tipping

Awkward Tip Jars

Waiting for Employers to Process

Too many payment apps to deal with

Tipped workers need a better solution…

Introducing FlashCash

FlashCash simplifies how you receive tips

Why use FlashCash for your tipping?

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We’ve created FlashCash with you in mind – a platform that simplifies the tipping experience and bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Schedule a demo below to see all the features, or launch a free trial today in minutes and experience the power of FlashCash for yourself.


Welcome to the future of tipping. Welcome to FlashCash.


FlashCash is powered by Stripe. Your funds will be deposited to your bank account once you request a payout. 

We take a 2% fee on top of what the payment app your customer uses charges. We give you the option to absorb the fees or add it to your price and charge it to your customer. We offer lower enterprise rates for large volume transactions, contact us for more details.

You’ll be able to geolocate exactly where your users are scanning from, which is especially useful when targeting a large geographic area to zero on on the most effective media spends. You also have the ability to create unlimited QR codes to track by product, ad copy, placement, targeting and more.

Yes, you’ll be able to download your data and transactions as a spreadsheet. We are working on integrations with the most popular fulfillment and ecommerce software.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp, and major credit cards, with other platforms being added soon.